Outrageous.  Outspoken.  Out of Left Field.

Steve Van Wormer’s VO work consists of National TV & Radio campaigns, Video Games, Narration, Animation, Trailers and On-Air Promos.

24 HOUR FITNESS, PHILIPS, ROSS, SHOE PAVILION, SOUTHERN COMFORT, SCION, TACO BELL and ORVILLE REDENBACHER are just some of the companies that have relied on his vocal talents.

Steve has also provided voices for many top-selling video games, including Turok, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Operation Flashpoint 2, Ace Combat 6, GRID, X-Men 3: The Official Game, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Tales of the World, and Soul Calibur 3 & 4.

Additionally, he has narrated a number of series and specials for Travel Channel, Discovery Communications, Paramount Parks, and Disney Stores.  Steve recorded three seasons worth of episodes of Saban's, THE 3 FRIENDS & JERRY SHOW.  He was the Narrator on the FAMILY CHANNEL animated series.  

You may have also heard him on the trailer front with spots for DODGEBALL, ICE AGE, RACING STRIPES, VAN WILDER, and GROSSE POINT BLANK.

He was on the cutting edge of FOX's interstitial programming, doing music and pop culture commentary for SPIN ON FOX.  Additionally, Steve recorded a number of spots for their On-Air promo department.   ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, X-FILES, PARTY OF FIVE, FOX'S ROCKIN' SUNDAY, and BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS all have utilized him.

He has also voiced national PSA campaigns for the U.S. Armed Forces and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.